(noun) a disturbance of the societal bullshit.

I seriously can not believe it has been a year since I started LivRiot. (Pauses with so much excitement)


My first blog post was arguably one for the books. I lived/worked at a modern yet rustic loft in North Hollywood in which the rooftop was spectacular in views and charm throughout the space. I remember picking out my first outfit from my favorite e-boutique, SwankBlue. The dress, in which still hangs in my fashion closet, was two piece and had textured mint flower patterned sleeves with mesh inner seam for the skirt in which flowed throughout the entire piece.


The best photo shoot i've done by far because of my personal destination of my own creative space that I can be myself... Even though the blog was this and more, I wanted to put an even more difficult task at hand; taking self portraits of my bog post. This way I was genuine in my own vision throughout my photos, as far as editing and layout, and to selflessly teach myself my camera. Not to mention an unchaining model at my fingertips, literally (You can see myself holding my camera remote in my right hand, haha)


In 2014, my parents invested in my photography dreams with the Christmas gift of my own DSLR camera, Nikon 3500 with started lens kit. I learned my the body angles in which fit me best, what I wanted to bring to my personal creative space, a means to  fashion sense, and the look and style of my photos so much with myself with me camera like .

LivRiot's birthday has a lot to do with my viewers. Mostly my LouisiANIMALS. This started as a sneak peek into my life and what I do on a day to day basis. Sharing my life of Los Angeles to you so you can see what is here without actually being here. And that is one of the goals I want to pursue in the 2016. More BTS, more Los Angeles life, more of what you guys wish you would see behind the scenes of the entertainment events I am apart of. 

This new updated website/blog and Rih RIh inspired photo shoot are a gift to my Turn Up year in 2016. A place that feels more like me, and sort of a dust off feature to LivRiot. A bit of browser botox if you will..

I have new goals and new ideas I want to bring to LivRiot. And hope you all can continue to be apart of this journey with me.