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Red on E! After Party. 

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite television show? I know that question haunted me before I started working in entertainment television.  I wanted to see what the set actually looked like, where every lamp was positioned, what was the technical crew's wardrobe and so much in between. Making those questions fuel in top goals for LivRiot's content and documentation.  

Yesterday was the 87th Annual Academy Awards here in Hollywood at the Dolby Theater.  Hollywood's A-list stars were in full effect on the Red Carpet in hopes of winning the most influential and honored award, the Oscar.  The E! Entertainment team was holding down the televised fort and reporting live from the historic Roosevelt hotel, where Marilyn Monroe's ghost is said to wonder the halls.  I was the CG Social Media Producer who instantaneously posted viewers fan tweets and questions to the host. 

The set was simple but modern with the essentials you would find in a skybox condo in the middle of downtown's financial district.  There were more than you can count high watt lights posted from top to bottom of the set.  The favor accent colors of the black and white set was red flowers that were perfectly placed by the elegant Art Department.  Besides the red accents were 8 foot wall fitted television screens that displayed older Academy Award shows from the past. 

Producers and directors wore tuxs and labeled E! gear to celebrate the cherished event.  While the celebrity host were glazed in diamonds from head to toe.  The Roosevelt was something so fantastic, the feeling made me appreciate the history that went on there.  After being on set, the crew informed me the Rossevelt was where the first ever Academy Awards were placed.  The tickets were $5 and guest were served toast and chicken; how things have changed.