(noun) a disturbance of the societal bullshit.

A couple of weekends ago, I was the Social Media Producer for E! Online's Live from the Red Carpet coverage of the Golden Globes. As a Social Media Producer, I produced all social media that flowed through on the online site during the live show on the network station. 

A little background on my job with E! is that I work for CGLA Studios, which supplies and build graphics and graphic machines for live entertainment shows around the country. We travel to different clients in different cities in relations to our graphics and our social media software solution, CG Social. Our team is super tight and all are creatively different combination of smart, entrepreneur spirited individuals joined together. In result doing dope shit. 

During award season [January - March of nonstop awards back to back to back], we usually are super slammed with E! and other clients who hire us for different shows along with our ongoing clients at different networks around Los Angeles.